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TESLA Service and Charging

With the rapid growth of Tesla Baltic sales in Latvia and the Baltics, it is planned to open an international Tesla service structure in Riga very soon. It will provide a full range of repairs and maintenance for every Tesla car in Europe! Meanwhile, there are 2 of our authorized service centers in the capital, where it is possible to perform body repairs and solve tasks that do not require in-depth intervention in the engine, battery and control systems! The Scandinavian Tesla service network is also within easy reach, and we always support our customers with organizational issues.

At the fastest electric charging points in Latvia, the TESLA charging speed reaches 300 km per hour. Very soon, we will also have TESLA SUPERCHAGER charging stations available, the efficiency of which will ensure full charging in 15-20 minutes. TESLA car batteries currently have the fastest charging parameters, which means you save time and money. In many places in Latvia, recharging is available for free, for example, at large shopping centers (Akropole, Spice, Alfa, Ikea, etc.). Whereas fast charging will cost an average of 3 EUR per 100 km. Charging at home is also easy and will cost even less.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the charging speed of the TESLA battery?

Tesla cars can be charged even from a standard home outlet. The type of charging depends on the type of connection.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range full charge time
Socket 220 V / 16 A 23 h 20 min.
Combo station 1 h 40 min.
High power wall connector (HPWC) 7 h 10 min.
Supercharger Station V3 15 min. / 80%
Type 2 Station 7 h 10 min.

Where to repair / maintain the body and running gear?

The format of maintenance and repairs differs significantly from the procedures with conventional cars. The Tesla concept offers a simplification of these procedures.

Each Tesla car is constantly online on the Internet with the manufacturer and is able to diagnose the operation of electronics on-line, thus providing timely software updates and solutions without a service visit.

No regular maintenance required!

The Map of Charging Stations in the Baltic States and Whole World

Many thanks to PlugShare for the kindly provided map